What's this mod? Edit

Valkyrien Warfare aims to be the Minecraft ships mod everybody's always wanted. Block interactions, custom collision for walking on ships, mod compatibility and plenty of other features as well.

Truthfully a lot of the problems other ship mods have claimed to be as impossible and impractical are indeed quite solvable, and VW remains as proof of that. A fully integrated custom control system is in the works, but for now the mod is stable enough to be used as a physics sandbox built into Minecraft.


-Q: Where can I find more information on the mod?

A: See the 'Notes' section of Getting started.

-Q: is this mod dead currently?

A: no it isn't, the main dev is taking time to develop a revamped version that will be released soon.

-Q: does this have water ships/are they planned?

A: no, adding water ships is something that may be created in some point in the future but nowadays is not present in the mod. However, there are ways to simulate sailing; check the piloting tips.

-Q: Half of my creative inventory items have weird textures!

A: that's most likely because the specific item is WIP (work in progress), and either it doesn't have a texture or it hasn't even been coded. Other items have placeholder item textures. Remember, this mod isn't finished!

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